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james1Thirty-two years ago, at just 44 years old, James encountered an unthinkable accident at work where he was crushed by a steel loading dock. He spent 3 months in the hospital, and was thankful to be alive.

Only a year later James’ wife, Judy, heard a loud bang and rushed to the other room to find James unconscious on the floor. He had suffered a heart attack and it didn’t look like he would make it. But once again, James was a fighter and didn’t let his weakened health slow him down. Soon he was back at work – even though his heart was working at only 40% capacity.

James recently had his second hip replacement surgery – a direct result of his accident years ago. With community health services available in Kamloops, James has been receiving visits from healthcare providers right in the comfort of his own home.

This holiday season, we are now reaching beyond the walls of the hospital to also offer support to community health services that care for patients in the comfort of their own homes.

“You feel nervous going home after you’ve had surgery. To have a physiotherapist come to your home – show you the basics, help you use the stairs; to have a nurse change your bandages, really gives you piece of mind. Even though the system isn’t perfect, we are still so fortunate in Canada, with how little we pay, to have access to such excellent services when we need them,” said James.

Rather than making a trip to the Emergency Department – putting himself in jeopardy of injury and taking up space in the ER – James can call his caregivers to come to his house if he has a concern. Additionally, he is able to have his pacemaker and heart function monitored without leaving his home.

I hope you will consider making a gift to the RIH Foundation this holiday season, and watch Kamloops’ tallest crane light up the night sky with every $5000 raised.

James and Judy are looking forward to spending Christmas at home and then will be heading off to Hawaii to celebrate the new year and 55 years of marriage. James can hardly wait to “throw away the walker”!


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