Clinton Family Welcomes Twins Sooner Than Expected

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TwinsJennifer Bolster and David Park were on their way to Royal Inland Hospital from their home in Clinton, BC for a routine stress test when Jennifer complained that she wasn’t feeling very well. At 34 weeks pregnant with twin girls, the couple were driving to Kamloops for weekly appointments at the hospital to monitor the progress of her pregnancy and the health of the babies.

 Jennifer and David dropped off their two year old son, Mitchell, at her mom’s home in Kamloops on their way to RIH. Once at the hospital, the couple were surprised to find out that the reason Jennifer didn’t feel well was because she was actually experiencing contractions and was in labour.

 Later that day, her care team decided to induce Jennifer in order to help her labour progress. At 12:02 am on December 4, 2012, Sophia entered the world soon followed by her sister, Ella, at 12:12 am. The girls weighed in at 5 lbs 8 oz and 4 lbs, 14 oz respectively.

 Being 6 weeks premature, Sophia and Ella were immediately admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for specialized care. They were administered fluids through IV for the first few days and also had to be fed through a tube in their nose that went directly to their stomachs. This was necessary as the girls were burning more calories than they could take in through regular feeding.

 Although their lungs were healthy, a SiPap ventilator was used at the beginning to give Sophia and Ella some gentle help breathing without doing all the work for them. This non-invasive ventilator is a crucial piece of equipment in the NICU as it assists infants by supplying respiratory support while also giving them the opportunity to breathe on their own periodically.

 Jennifer was amazed at the level of care she saw in the NICU: “The staff care so much for the babies and families. I was never worried about leaving the girls with them. I knew Sophia and Ella were not only receiving amazing medical care but they were also getting cuddles and love!” Jennifer was able to stay in Kamloops with family while the girls were in the hospital but unfortunately, David had to go back to Clinton in order to run their business, the Clinton Coffee House.

 After two weeks in the NICU, Jennifer and David were able to bring the twins home, just in time for Christmas with their big brother, Mitchell. “As much as we were excited to be going home, we were sad to be leaving such a dedicated and compassionate team and incredible group of individuals. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

 Photo Credit: Milk & Honey Photography

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