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babyJust 7 weeks ago, Norah entered this world – a healthy baby girl. Her parents, Amanda and Michael, are overjoyed and in awe of the new addition to their family.

Amanda had a quick delivery and was fortunate to be admitted to the hospital for just 1 day. With community care programs, she was able to receive excellent care at home, rather than remaining longer in the hospital.

“I had no idea about the amazing support that was available to expecting parents. As a first-time mom, I am so grateful for the resources and support I received both during my pregnancy and in the first few days at home,” said Amanda.

Please give the gift of great healthcare this holiday season. In supporting RIH and community care services, you are helping patients receive care at home, while also keeping hospital beds open for patients who most desperately need them.

“It can be overwhelming when you first take your newborn baby home. Why is she crying? Am I doing something wrong?” Amanda said.

“Joanne, the nurse who visited my home, was amazing. She checked my baby’s vitals and helped me with feeding, gave me advice on concerns to watch for, and reassured me that my baby was doing just fine. I felt confident I was giving my baby the best start at life. I was so appreciative of the excellent care available to my newborn baby and me, right in the comfort of our home.”

Amanda and Michael will be making new memories this holiday season as well by celebrating Norah’s first Christmas here at home in Kamloops with their family.

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