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The Royal Inland Hospital Foundation was excited and surprised when Ken Lepin, loyal donor and Kamloops businessman wanted to make a special announcement earlier today.

At 9:00 am in the Laboratory at Royal Inland Hospital, the Foundation, laboratory staff, and RIH administration was astonished to hear that Mr. Lepin was going purchase the much needed molecular genetic testing instrument that can test for C. difficile as well as other infectious pathogens.

This critical piece of equipment has been on the Royal Inland Hospital’s wish list for some time now, and the Foundation was hopeful that a donor would come forward. Fortunately, Mr. Lepin truly understood the importance of the current needs of the Laboratory at RIH. Ken has been a loyal donor to the RIH Foundation for over 25 years and to date, has given $301,820.00. But that is not where his philanthropy ends in Kamloops. Ken has also invested over $280, 000 to scholarships at Thompson Rivers University, $60,000 to the Salvation Army, as well as significant donations to the Kamloops Wildlife Park, The United Church and the Kamloops Art Gallery where a room is named in his honour.

This machine will enable the lab to quickly and accurately test patients for C. difficile and eliminate the need for further or repeat testing, which can cause great delays in diagnosing a patient. With this instrument, results will be attained within 45 minutes and healthcare staff can then immediately administer appropriate measures. Prevention is key to controlling the spread of any bacterium and by finding results quickly, transmission of the bacterium is minimized. Furthermore, by quickly identifying the presence of the bacterium, it can prevent the patient from becoming seriously ill and having a longer hospital stay, thus potentially reducing the cost of care. The ability to obtain results quickly and accurately is also beneficial to patients who test negative for C. difficile – unnecessary supplies are not wasted, ineffective antibiotics are not consumed, precious resources are conserved, and clinicians can focus on what is truly ailing the patient.

Along with the $41,000 purchase of this phenomenal instrument, Mr. Lepin surprised the crowd again when he announced that he was also purchasing a $110,000 Immunostainer for the Laboratory.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a complex procedure that is used to detect molecular abnormalities in tissues. Immunohistochemical staining is used in the diagnosis of abnormal cells, such as those found in cancer, and thus is an imperative part of determining the appropriate steps in the treatment of a patient.

In recent decades, immunohistochemistry has become increasingly important in diagnostic pathology and is now an essential daily tool for cancer diagnosis in hospital laboratories.

A new IHC instrument will provide pathologists a quick and accurate means to recognize and classify tumor cells, which is imperative to enabling physicians to correctly detect, diagnose, and direct cancer treatment.

The Royal Inland Hospital Foundation Board and staff are delighted to thank Mr. Ken Lepin for his generosity today and over the past 25 years. With this gift, to date, Mr. Lepin will have given $452,820.00 to the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation.

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