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Over the last decade, the hospital’s ER has seen an increase in the number of patients visiting the department and the trauma room is no exception.  As demands on the medical trauma team continue to increase, it’s crucial to make the space as functional as possible so they can work together quickly and efficiently in high stress, often life and death, circumstances.

Overhead Articulating Booms, which allow medical equipment to be mounted off the ground, are the key to improving the functionality of the space.  A long-term Kamloops philanthropist, Guy Mercier, recently came to better understand the inner workings of the Emergency Department.

“One evening I ended up in the emergency and was astounded with the work of the Emergency Department. I recognized the ER was an integral component to the hospital, but experiencing it all firsthand was inspiring and motivated me to give back to RIH. I wanted a specific project that would make a difference; when I learned of the need for the booms in the ER, this was the project,” said Mr. Mercier.

Guy would then go on to pledge the remaining $130,000 needed to outfit the trauma rooms with booms and set this renovation in motion.

Heidi Coleman, Foundation CEO, stated, “The Trauma team has been waiting a long time for these new booms.  It’s just fantastic that we have wonderful people in Kamloops like Guy who understands that the hospital needs private support to help update our equipment in order to retain and attract doctors and other health professionals, and keep our hospital strong.”

The Royal Inland Hospital Foundation and Trauma Team are extremely grateful to Guy Mercier for this remarkable gift.

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